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About me

From the Carpathian Basin To Scandinavia and back...

I was born in Szolnok in 1976, where I later had the opportunity to work as an officer and a doctor for several years at the Ambulance Emergency Service. To this day, this unforgettable and professionally invaluable period provided an excellent foundation for my later medical theoretical and practical knowledge in several fields.

In 2002, I graduated as a general physician (doctor) at the Medical University of Debrecen, from where I chose to study urology, and my journey led me from Szombathely, through Veszprém, back to Debrecen, and then all the way to Sweden. In Sweden, I also took a specialist exam in family medicine in addition to my European Urologist Specialist Exam (by European Association of Urology) and to my practical work as a urologist specialist, which opened the way to even more complete medicine that takes the whole person into account. After 12 years of work and study in Scandinavia, I returned to my country, Hungary, to utilize all the knowledge I had acquired both at home and abroad.

Within urology, I primarily provide care in specialist clinics, the diagnosis, outpatient treatment and follow-up of various urological diseases are my special areas of expertise.


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