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Price list

The following packages can be purchased only after a prior visit  at one of my urology surgeries. All these telephone consultations are bound to a previous personal consultation, examination and treatment.

Telephone services:

Laboratory notice
: HUF 10.000

Evaluation of previously ordered radiological examinations,
: HUF 10.000

Telephone control-consultation
: HUF 10.000

Online services:

Renewal of previously written prescriptions
: HUF 3.000

General service packages that can be used from anywhere in the country, even from abroad. These consultations can be based on documentations both in english and in swedish:

Telephone services:

Interpretation of Findings: HUF 15.000
Second Opinion: HUF 25.000
Question & Answer: HUF 5.000

Online services:

Preparing a complete medical history and uploading it to the cloud (EESZT) (this works only in Hungary) HUF 18.000

Publishing/interpreting findings in foreign languages: HUF 10,000

(per A4 page)


(with urological ultrasound examination)

Fontos! Rendelésünkön minden esetben az urológiai ultrahang vizsgálat is része a vizsgálatoknak, néhány kivételes esettől eltekintve, amikor ultrahangra nincs szükség (például bőrelváltozások megítélése).
Ez a gyakorlatban azt jelenti, hogy Önnek nem szükséges külön ultrahang vizsgálatra valamint az azt követő kontroll vizsgálatra is (ahol majd az ultrahang leletét értelmezik) időt és pénzt fordítania, így egyetlen látogatás vált ki más esetben 3 különböző időpontban történő látogatást!
Az alábbi vizsgálatok így értelmezendők.

Prostate - diagnostic package:  HUF 15.000

• Medical history taking, evaluation, cancer screening, prostate hypertrophy treatments
• Physical examination ultrasonography of the prostate
• Complete laboratory diagnostics (complete with urine and PSA lab)

Testicular diagnostic package:  HUF 15.000

• Medical history taking, evaluation, cancer screening, hormonal and 
  partial or complete diagnosis of changes affecting fertility
• Manual testicle examination
• Testicular ultrasound examination
• Laboratory tests (tumor markers)
• Specialist recommendations
  (treatment proposal for fertility / tumor / benign changes)

Targeted urology specialist examination:  HUF 22.000
(examination focusing on symptoms)

• Recording and evaluation of medical history
• Targeted ultrasonography and diagnostic tests, investigation of symptoms for the purpose of treatment

• Treatment / Specialist recommendation

Complete urological screening:   HUF 29.000

• Recording and evaluation of medical history, cancer screenings, evaluating  realted chronic diseases
• Complete physical examination
  (kidneys, bladder, in men: prostate, testicle examination)
• Complete ultrasound examination
  (kidneys, bladder, in men: prostate, testicle examination)
• Evaluation of laboratory results*
  (PSA, Routine lab, tumor markers, hormone levels)
• Urine test / Treatment / other specialist recommendations

Control examination - with ultrasound:  HUF 12.000
  (within 1 month from the basic examination)

Control examination - consultation:  HUF 10.000
  (within 1 month from the basic examination)

Second opinion - complete with revision tests and re-evaluation if needed: HUF 39.000

Second opinion - on a consultation basis:  HUF 19.000

Additional tests and treatments:

Catheter insertion / replacement:  HUF 5,000

(We always use only 100% silicon catheters or silicon coated catheters that are reliable up to 3 months if needed and do not need to be replaced after 3 weeks, like the cheaper latex based catheters)

General medical examination and status description: HUF 25,000

Catheter removal:  HUF 3,000

Wound dressing, suture removal:  HUF 10,000

Determination of residual urine (with ultrasound):   HUF 5,000

Preparation of a complete medical history summary
based on paper / digital findings,
Uploading it to the EESZT system:   HUF 19,000

Issue of simple certificate about your visit (for example to your employer):    HUF 3,000

Interpretation / translation of specialist medical report in English:  HUF 5,000
(per A4 page)

Filling out/issuing a medical certificate in a foreign language:   HUF 55,000
(complete, in English and Swedish)

Foreign language medical consultation + examination surcharge (in English and Swedish):  HUF 15,000

* the clinic currently does not have the possibility of taking laboratory tests, indeed we always recommend if any laboratory tests are needed for completing the diagnosis and all these tests can be taken in any laboratory. We can discuss the results and I will always give You a thorough interpretation of the laboratory results with understandable answers given to all Your questions.

Right now we are about to be able to provide laboratory tests locally as well. It wil be announced here on this homepage, when it will be available.

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