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Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Just a few clicks and your urology appointment is already guaranteed.

In the reservation menu, select

Dr. Péter Tóthand theNaturmed Urology specialty orderfields.

If you cannot find a suitable time, please contact us by phone:

06 70 580 7050

Specialist consultations by phone

Please choose from the following two options:

Above the Clouds

Renewal of previously written prescriptions*

Daily Pills

Here you can order your previously prescribed, proven, regularly taken medicines registered in the cloud (EESZT) in the urological appointment.

*Available only in Hungary

If, according to the previous proposal, a control test is also necessary before prescribing the medicine, then please book an appointment for a personal check-up at any of my private surgeries and the prescription will be done as part of the examination.

*  ATTENTION! IMPORTANT! Morphines, major painkillers, narcotics will NOT be renewed!This can only be proceeded in case of personal consultation, after the related specialist decision!

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