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We are waiting for your findings, that are not available on the Internet within the framework of the cloud (EESZT) service, at the following contacts.
You can send scanned or photographed findings by e-mail respectively scanned paper based medical reports and findings by mail.
The addresses below will only accept sent materials.
We will give an answer, a summary as an interpretation to your sent documents and related questions at the exact time schedule you can book in the related menu of this website.
We will definitely not give an answer by mail or post.
Please read our routines and GDPRS
as well.

Mailing address, only & exclusively for the paper based medical documents, sent by post and copied examples of any healthcare related documents duplicate
(only with a valid booking of telephone or online appointment for the choosen specialist service)



After a successful booking procedure for a chosen online / telephone based specialist service, now you have the possibility to

send your medical reports by mail,

scanned in good quality.


Email és Levelezési cím


Independent of private orders, a nationwide website interpreting online findings, with many other useful specialist services!

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